pwsh key bindings (with vi mode)

PowerShell (pwsh) keybindings with PSReadLine.

I'm using PowerShell Core 7.0.0-preview.6, I have no idea which versions of pwsh support these commands.

Best to suck it and see :-) .

Create a $PROFILE if you don't have one:

        New-Item $PROFILE

Check that it worked:

        Test-Path $PROFILE

Open it in your $EDITOR of choice:

        notepad $PROFILE (or $EDITOR profile)

Add configuration (example, I like using C^P and C^N to navigate prev/next commands):

        Set-PSReadlineOption -EditMode vi
        Set-PSReadlineKeyHandler -Key Ctrl+p -Function PreviousHistory
        Set-PSReadlineKeyHandler -Key Ctrl+n -Function NextHistory

Save, close and source your $PROFILE:

        & $PROFILE

Ta-da! Next time you open PWSH this will happen auto-magically.